Mappable was an online application that took lots of information and placed it onto a zoomable world. Similar data would clump together so that a user could easily find data they were interested in without knowing precisely what they wanted. This would come in handy with so much information and media available to anyone on the internet. Music was the first media we worked with, though really it could have been any type of information that needed to be sorted to be easily used. Unfortunately the project ran out of funding in the Spring of 2016, although I believe the concept is still being presented to possible investors.

While working on the project, I did various mockups; both stylistic and ones that explored user experience. I also designed some of the UI, the graphics for the website, and various other art tasks such as logos, advertisements and merchandise. Later on in the project, I ended up taking on some of the actual functional design, including concepts for different modes and tools for the application.