Hi, I'm Shannon Galvin. I'm a computer game artist/designer who's been in the industry for 22 years. I've worked a long time at Maxis and helped make a lot of the Sim games out there. I also got to work on the game The Witness by Jonathon Blow and another project by Will Wright called Mappable, which was about viewing media using a map metaphor.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing small-scale pottery, various types of digital and natural media art, reading indy comics, and working on various game ideas in Unity. Currently I'm working on a VR project using the HTC Vive. The working title is 'The Unexpected Expedition of Jenny Miller' and I'll be getting back to that now that I've finished updating my portfolio.

Currently I'm between jobs, so if you're looking for an experienced artist, feel free to request a copy of my resume at silver.rin at gmail.com.

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